NEW Pork CUT and gosh it’s delicious!!

As we head into BBQ season, we all love to throw a CHOP on the barbie!!

So we have a NEW CUT which is amazing on the BBQ – Pork Shoulder Chops – WOW!

Many of you know that we eat a lot of pork and even after 6 years we still love & enjoy it.  We use pork as many families now days would use chicken – it’s amazingly versatile.  We could list the style of cooking from roast, slow cooker, pressure cooker, stirfrys, curries, soups, salads, frying, grilling, smoking….

One of our many steps of education we have had with our customers over the past 5 years – is the cuts of pork.  When we first started….

“Have you got bacon – yes middle loin rash – great thank you”

“Have you got loin chops – no sorry all our loin goes into bacon – oh 🙁 ”

“Oh you do ham – yes always from the leg”

“Do you have leg roasts – no sorry it all goes into making ham!”

So we believe we have educated you on that there isn’t an endless supply of certain cuts – and gosh some of those less common cuts are amazing.

Once the colder months disappear – which we are looking forward too and some sunshine please!  Our sales of roasts slow down and we can have lots of Pork Shoulder (if you think about a 55kg carcass – this yields about 16kg of shoulder thats about 30% – thats a lot of pork!)  Also the past few months we have struggled to keep up with Bacon – so we haven’t had a lot of Loin Chops.  So we were thinking Chops – lets give Shoulder Chops ago!

Well Jason and I have found are new favourite cut – and we are very impressed that we thought we would write about it and tell you all…..

Its succulent, delicious and full of flavour….yum!

McIvor Farm Pork Shoulder Chop

McIvor Farm Pork Shoulder Chop