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Well it’s not that easy to Order Meat Online and put it in the Post!!

So our Online Order places your Order with us and you need to select the appropriate Pick UP option that suits you.

Spring 2018 Update

Many of you have seen the media about the Drought affecting farming, agriculture, local communities and therefore food production across Australia.  Yes we farm and that is reliant on the weather playing us a good hand of cards – all dependent on how much and timing.  We know of this risk to our business and McIvor Farm is highlighting the significance of building soil.  We can’t stop droughts or really drought-proof our farm – but we can improve our soil to help it’s water holding capacity!

Why am I telling you this?

Well we supplementary feed our pigs with grain, protein meals and vitamin & minerals – to provide them with a balanced diet to produce highly nutritious pork to you.

Consequences of the drought – there will be less grain & protein meals produced in Australia this year – so simply economics…. such high demand on a small amount of product will lead to a big increases in price.  We are already seeing this….

So again – why do you care?  Unfortunately this is going to come across to the REAL COST of food!  For us to maintain our business, we will need increase our pricing on all Pork and Christmas products.

Christmas 2018

With a big demand on our pork and products this year – we have 3 points to note:

  • Hams will be smaller in size
  • May not have as many Legs to make Christmas Hams!!
  • Pork Roast Options haven’t really changed

Pick Up Options – if you would like to browse the options available before placing an Order, have a look there is heaps to choose from Pick Up Locations

The process is the same as the past few years:

  1. Place your Order & pay the DEPOSIT
  2. Make a NOTE in the Message box in the Check Out – if we need to know something particular about your Order or you like to have a Small or Big Ham or a Hock-end or Butt-end….  We don’t know if you don’t tell us and we will make every effort to meet your requirements – please tell us when you Order (if you can) it makes the process a little easier.
  3. We will be in touch with an Email – Order Confirmation.  Please check it to make sure we have all the information correct.
  4. We will be in touch closer to the date of Pick Up – with a reminder.

So don’t fluff around – get your Order IN or you will miss out!!