Our pigs

Our herd of Free Range pigs are predominantly Berkshire Old Breed and Berkshire cross-bred.

Berkshires are said to be ‘Britain’s oldest pig breed’. They are a black pig with common white markings on their faces (like a blaze), legs and the tips of their tails.

Berkshire pork is prized for its juiceness, flavour and tenderness. It commonly marbled and therefore suited for long, slow cooking; and renowned for its ‘crackle’ – refer to our great recipes.

The pigs are in open paddocks with shelter, food (100% Australian Grain, NON-GMO & Antibiotic-Free) and water provided. They love to roam the open space (even at 2 weeks of age they are off exploring), root to find yummy bulbs, roll and wallow in mud and just be ‘happy’ pigs.

You may notice we do have some coloured pigs – reds, spotty, pinks… we do have some cross-bred sows and as we love them dearly and they are half-Berkshire, they will continue to be part of McIvor Farm family.

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