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For PORK ORDERS for Markets, Delivery, Collection at Farm Gate Shop

If you have been ordering throughout the year – you will be familiar with the experience via Open Food Network

You PAY in FULL – for this ordering process

There are Order Cycles – which refers to Orders Opening & Closing – so we can have time to process the pork to the orders and get them to you!



This is a similar experience to previous years – or if you NEW – please read the notes below.

You PAY A DEPOSIT – for this ordering process – all amounts on the products at this stage are the DEPOSIT.

Go into each product – click on the words or image – it will give more details on the approx sizes, prices range and price per kilogram.

FINAL Payment is based on weight – to be fair to all of us!

**NOTES** – You can write a message about the Order – especially if you have a Preference of Size, Half Ham – Hock or Butt END, etc in the CART.


For all the different options we are offering this year – please refer to this link – and consider prior to ordering.

Delivery – $25 fee will apply – you will also need to be home to collect the order to ensure product maintains temperature as meat needs to be refrigerated and it can be hot weather leading up to Xmas.


We offer a deposit refund if Orders are cancelled prior to 5pm on 4th December 2020 but there is a $25 cancellation fee for administration purposes.  ‘No  Deposit’ Refund if cancellation occurs after 5pm on 4th December 2020.



So you can see what Pork Products we have on offer, typically pack sizes, price per kilogram and pack size (or the range).

McIvor Farm Product List March2020

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