Free range, pasture-raised, ethically grown Old breed pork, fed free from hormones or antibiotics amongst the rolling fields 
of McIvor Farm in Tooborac,
 one hour north of Melbourne.

Jason and Belinda Hagan welcome you to their NEW website – please appreciate we are not IT-gurus so it’s not perfect at present, but we did decide to go LIVE; and you will notice we are updating images, text, etc as we speak.  So thank-you for your patience.

Feel free to have a look around, learn a little bit about us, our pigs, why we choose to farm the way we do and why McIvor Farm Pork tastes so good!.

Over the Fence

Happenings on McIvor Farm

Spring is in full swing….grass growing, pigs free-ranging, fruit trees budding  and dams full. McIvor Farm is a beautiful picture at this time of year – but the consequences of no-chemical farming, is grass growing high into the electric fence (which ‘shorts’ out the electrical current) and those piggies working it out very quickly.  Yes…