McIvor Farm is all about farming & growing soil – everything we do is about what is best for the soil!  We utilise livestock, mostly Berkshire Pigs to assist us with this process….the by-product is pasture-raised, ethically grown PORK and gosh it’s a delicious by-product!

McIvor Farm is based in Tooborac, a little over one hour north of Melbourne and our pigs live their entire life outside and not only getting to be a TRUE pig they are helping us regenerate our farm.

Jason and Belinda Hagan welcome you to their website – please appreciate we are not IT-gurus so it’s never perfect, but we do appreciate your feedback and patience.

Feel free to have a look around, learn a little bit about us, our pigs, why we choose to farm the way we do and why McIvor Farm Pork tastes so good!.

Family Owned and Family Operated – 100% Australian

When you buy from McIvor Farm – you are supporting a local business that supports other local businesses, employs locals, a family that is raising, educating & supporting 2 young children.

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Salami Season 2018

As the cooler weather is upon us, it’s coming to that time of year again to start processing orders for our Salami Sows. Jason has been busy sorting out the stock, so we are touching base with those who have expressed an interest or have previously ordered Salami Sows from us before. The Sows will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

We wanted to clarify a few points regarding our Sows:

  • Our Sows are old breeding Sows who are at the end of their productive life
  • The meat is well exercised as our girls live free-range their entire lives, therefore the meat is dark and well marbled
  • We ensure that the Sows are NOTcycling when processed
  • The general size range is 110-150kg carcass (dead) weight


Whole Sow

$4.50 per kg

Sow Meat

$13.00 per kg


-Please note whole sow will be split or quartered for easy handling

-Please note that Sow Meat is butchered to fist sized chunks and stored in cryvac bags of 10kgs of meat and 5kg back fat.


What we need for the order:

If you could please send an e-mail to the below details, we will then respond with an order confirmation, along with bank account details to process payment of deposit. We will require an upfront, non-refundable 50% deposit for Sow Meat, or $200 per Whole Sow.

Please detail the following within your e-mail

  • Sow requirement – Whole Sow or Sow Meat and back fat. If second option then please detail how much of each. E.g. 20kg meat to 5kg fat
  • Pick up date? Is this a set date or can you be flexible?
  • Any additional information regarding your order


-Please note that if you require Sow Meat, you may need to be flexible with your pick up date so we are able to coordinate with multiple pick-ups. 

-Pick up to be from the Farm Gate Shop, unless otherwise arranged.

-Our recommendation for Salami is 80% Sow Meat to 20% Back Fat


Farmers Markets we attend

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